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4 in 1 – An Obvious Theory of Directorship

We are in the age of Google Governance, where the answer to any question is just a quick search away.  However, neither the speed of access or the seemingly exhaustive number of answers has led to a corresponding improvement in the performance and success of Boards.  Why not?

The focus of Corporate Governance on questions of structure, composition and process has ignored some obvious and fundamental areas that we have observed and identified as Four Principles of Directorship.  We use the term Directorship to describe what many think of as Corporate Governance because it implies a broader more inclusive approach, which transcends the traditional almost exclusive focus on the internal operations of the Board

  • Directorship is about making, managing and delivering promises;
  • Directorship divides into four discrete but interdependent functions;
  • Directorship is practiced by a team that includes both Directors and others;
  • Directorship requires different types of behavior at different times.

These four principles are the foundation of the 4 in 1 Theory of Directorship.

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Value Driven Boards – Know Thy Self

Co-authored by Andrew Donovan and Sarah-Jane Christensen, Value Driven Boards – Know Thyself looks at the different life situations of boards.  Where does your board sit and what can it do to continue on its journey to high performance?

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