What We Do

A Board is a business that must be driven by a clear, agreed purpose and delivered by a skilled and well-resourced leadership partnership.

We can help you transform your board into an agile and high-performing team by working with you to develop board leadership and corporate governance strategies that deliver the specific goals of your organisation.

Grounded in the 4 in 1 Directorship Model, we use tools that will support you to:

  • Identify your purpose
  • Secure agreement and commitment to a shared vision
  • Set the business direction
  • Create the right business model
  • Set the appropriate risk appetite
  • Identify the organisational culture you want
  • Create it by recruiting for and training against those skills and behaviours
  • Clearly distinguish the roles of board and executive management
  • Build capability and ensure succession

We support you to strengthen the practical elements of board governance, recognising that the appropriate governance depends on variables like the maturity of the business and sector it is in.

We work in partnership with you to:

  • Design and strengthen board processes
  • Create effective board intelligence systems (reporting)
  • Maximise board meeting performance
  • Implement and effective board committee system
  • Assess board performance
  • Develop non-stop enhancement programs.

We work across all sectors including listed, private and family companies, not-for profits, government, universities and schools, peak bodies and associations and philanthropic or funding bodies.