Do Not Proceed Beyond This Point

Let’s think a moment about what is required of a good company director in terms of mindset, effort, skill and risk. Yes, we agree that past experience is the greatest of teachers, but in a curriculum of many subjects it is only one teacher. Having … Read More»

Board Diversity

This month our guest blog is a summary of a presentation by Peter Lamell, known to many in the Directors Suite circle of influence. "Boards must be facilitated, enabled and cajoled into embracing diversity so that companies are expected to perform on … Read More»

Founders Flu

The recent Federal Government intergenerational report calls for productivity improvements as a significant part of the solution to the alarming (but expected) cost of an ageing population. Australia’s successful entrepreneurs, while having already … Read More»

Australia 3.0 – Beyond the Mining Boom

The following guest article is courtesy of Rory Manchee from Content in Context. Rory's Content in Context blog provides a personal look at the world of publishing, information, digital content, on-line products, business models, strategy, apps and … Read More»

Boards for Hire

By the end of the decade, board-for-hire will be a common governance model, principally in the private company space. In a recent paper, Stephen M. Bainbridge and M. Todd Henderson from the University of Chicago Law School argue that the current sole … Read More»

Boards Who Add Value

Do you have a Board Plan? Not a calendar or an action register, but a plan that sets out the outcome measures for the board for the coming year? If not, your board could find itself under-performing against your peers who have embraced the need for a … Read More»