Chair and Director Review

We will work with the Board to implement a review against agreed directorship principles to ensure:

For the Chair

  • The promise of the board and company remain aligned
  • The four functions of directorship are being effectively managed by the leadership team and guided by the Chair
  • A high-performing directorship team has been appointed, trained and is well supported by the Chair
  • Relationships between fellow directors and the extended management team are robust
  • The non-stop improvement program is effectively implemented

For Directors

  • Alignment with strategy and risk appetite
  • Contribution to the work of the board in the 4 functions
  • Adaptive behaviour according to function in relations with peers and management.
  • Continuous development and succession planning

We also examine the capabilities, accountabilities and behaviours that underpin the complex dance between directors and management.  Creating clear structures and processes for decision making and information flow that suit the organisation’s culture creates synergy – the mark of a truly high performing team.